The Lone Peak story

Altra shoes and, in particular, Altra Lone Peak all-weather shoes are made to withstand the elements. 

Trusted, in all elements 

Supporting you in your run, in any environment, the Altra collection can provide it with all, and at  

Bog Dog, we’re pleased to offer our customers a vast selection for you to choose from.

Designed to support you with: 

Footshape™ - their unique Footshape™ wide toe box shoe technology is an exclusive design that allows your toes to unclench and relax while you run. As your toes spread out naturally, this technology supports an element of freedom for the foot, starting at the top. With additional space also included for the big toe, allowing it to stay in a stretched position, now you can have more power on your take-off due to the increased stability provided. Due to the increase in support around the toe area, Altra running shoes can also help reduce overpronation, providing you with much more comfort. 

Fit4Her™ technology – this particular piece of technology has been innovatively designed specifically for female feet. Following extensive research and analysis of the female foot, we know that the female foot has a narrower midfoot and heel, a longer arch (including unique metatarsal spacing), and a higher instep. To support these differences, the Altra Fit4Her™ technology provides a range of solutions.  

Solutions such as the Altra Olympus 4 Women, Altra Torin Women, Altra Escalante Women, and more all of which feature designs that support a higher instep, a longer arch, and narrower heel and midfoot, providing an all-round enhanced running experience. 

Balanced cushioning™ - Balanced cushioning™ is the norm within ALL Altra shoes. Helping to position the heel and the forefoot an equal distance from the ground to support better running form and optimal alignment.  

This technology also helps to encourage low-impact landing, which is much better for our well-being and joints.  

Promoting an upright posture, balanced cushioning can provide you with firm support and cushioning all in one. 

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The Altra Story 

Altra was born when Golden Harper and Brian Beckstead met running in high school, with their love of running and outdoor adventures continuing today. 

Founded by passionate runners, hikers, and all-around outdoor enthusiasts who wanted to look at how they could improve not just their own running experience but that of others, the duo got to work. 

Through a mix of research and curiosity, Golden created Zero Drop shoes by heating existing shoe models in a toaster! Cutting out the midsole and levelling the cushioning platform (providing a zero drop from heel to toe), a new revolutionary shoe was created. 

Never a pair to rest on their laurels, the Altra shoe range is continually tested and adapted to ensure perfect performance. Bringing their three key innovations (Footshape™, Zerodrop™, and Fit4Her™) to the world, now we have options to suit us as individual runners. 

Altra has won several prestigious awards and accolades; however, most importantly, they are highly rated by runners worldwide, including here at Bog Dog. 

Trust us, there is an Altra shoe to suit any runners’ foot, supporting trail runners, marathoners, triathletes, thru-hikers, and many more. 

Providing comfort across all disciplines. 

Finding the right Altra shoe for you 

At Bog Dog, we want to provide you with as much information and advice as possible, which is why you will find short descriptions alongside any technical information on all of our stocked Altra running shoes. You can also narrow down your Altra search by looking at those suitable for the trail, road, every day, gender, your preferred level of cushioning, and level of stability. 

When it comes to sizing, Altra advises measuring the full length of your foot in centimetres and then adding 1cm to the final size. So, for example, if your foot measures 25cm, add 1cm to make your final size 26cm. From here, you’re then able to use the international sizing chart to find the right size for you. 

Made to Last 

The lifespan of your running shoes will depend on many factors; however, what’s important is that they always offer you the right level of performance to continue to support you in your everyday running goals and help you ultimately run better. 

Factors that can affect the lifespan of running shoes include: 

  • Weight 
  • Running style 
  • Terrain, and 
  • Use. 

Of course, every runner is different, but generally, running shoes Altra should last anywhere between 300-500 miles. However, we must stress that every shoe style and design is different, so it’s vital you find the right shoe for you. 

Designed by runners, for runners 

The zero-drop running shoe, Altra trail shoes, and Altra running, support runners like never before. These shoes are designed to help strengthen the muscles and tissues in our body responsible for better movement and increased fluidity – improving muscle memory stride and comfort. 

Note:  All Altra models are also orthotic insole compatible. 

Suitable for all weathers, Altra has ranges suitable for rain, snow, and our favourite…mud!

Are you looking to move to Altra? 

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When you move to any new running shoe, choosing the right pair for you is vital. Ideally, you should look at a pair that offers you the same level of support and cushion as you have had previously. 

It’s important to understand that for the first few days, and even weeks, in some cases, your body is adapting to the new footwear; hence you may experience some tightness around your calves.  

Wearing in your new Altra’s every other day can help reduce this, and ensuring that you stretch and recover appropriately after every run, hike, or walk, remains essential.

Benefits of Altra running shoes 

  • Gender-specific 
  • Help people move naturally 
  • Encourage better body alignment 
  • Encourage low impact landing 
  • Toes can spread comfortably 
  • Help to reduce the number of injuries caused due to poor running form 
  • Comfortable 
  • It helps to build your feet’ overall stability and power. 

Care and attention 

Like all technology, Altra shoes require a little bit of attention to ensure their performance remains high and that you get those extra miles from your lone peaks! 

To help: 

  • Keep outsoles free from a build-up of debris, avoiding compromising traction 
  • Clean the upper part of the shoes to avoid dirt getting stuck in the mesh or fabric 
  • Don’t soak your shoes in water or place them in the washing machine 
  • Do not place shoes in direct sunlight or a tumble dryer. 

Handwashing with mild soap and warm water is the best way to keep your shoes clean and ensure performance is not affected.

Our top-selling Altra running shoes 

  • Altra Olympus 4 
  • Altra Women’s Torin 5 
  • Altra Torin (Men’s) 
  • Altra Escalante Racer 
  • Altra Paradigm 

For further information on our Altra range, please speak to a member of our team, call 01780 239 042 or email us at