Choosing the Best Running Socks for Your Training Sessions

Choosing the Best Running Socks for Your Training Sessions

While we often spend most of our time and focus on choosing the right running shoes for our training sessions, you need to also think about the best sports socks for your needs. The sock material you use can have a huge impact on your comfort and support during a training session, and Hilly socks are one of the top tools on the market for runners. Keep reading to discover how to choose the best running socks for your training and why you need to invest in marathon running socks this year. 

Why Do You Need Running Socks? 

You might be wondering why you need to even spend the extra money on running socks over typical daily socks. A good pair of running socks will help with comfort, support, and performance because they are designed with running and training in mind. They can help to reduce moisture, increase the ventilation within your shoes, and support your feet in the areas that need it the most. When looking at buying a new pair of running shoes, you should also look at Hilly socks at the same time. When your new shoes and socks work together, you’ll find you can go further without feeling any discomfort or rubbing. 

What Material Should Running Socks Be Made From? 

When choosing the best socks for your training sessions, the main material we recommend avoiding is cotton. This is what most typical socks are made from, but they trap moisture against your skin. In the summer months, this will cause blisters, but in the winter, it can actually make your feet feel even colder. Cold feet make it challenging to run safely and will make it more likely that an accident will occur. We recommend using Hilly socks, which are made from technical synthetic materials instead. These help to move the sweat away from your skin for a hygienic and safe run. Merino wool is a good option for running socks, but polyester and nylon are commonly used. You’ll find they are all breathable materials and give you months of use without leaving your feet smelling bad after training. 

Seamless Running Socks 

As you browse the selection of Hilly running socks on offer, you’ll notice that many of them are seamless. These types of running socks aim to keep your feet more comfortable. They will also reduce how damp your feet become, thanks to the lack of opportunities for moisture to get into the sock. Chafing occurs less frequently with seamless running socks, which is why these are one of the top design options for regular runners who can’t afford to get blisters or sores on their feet. 

Should You Go For Thick or Thin Socks? 

Choosing thick or thin socks is a very personal decision, and you’ll find that they both have their pros and cons. You’ll find that you need to try on socks with your running shoes so that you find a pair that works well with your current rainy shoes. Socks can impact on how effective your running shoes are. If you’ve purchased these shoes for a reason, you’ll want to make sure that they are still going to work properly with the socks you are now using. 

Compression Socks 

Many of the best running socks on the market are marked as compression socks. These help to improve your blood circulation, and this can increase your recovery time. You’ll find that you can run for longer and further when using these types of socks, as tiredness is reduced. The length of the sock will vary depending on the model you select, ranging from ankle socks all the way up to your knees. If you need more support or are heading out for the long run, select the longer models on offer. Also, look for running socks that have extra support 

 in the areas of your feet where you sometimes struggle. A good Hilly men’s running sock will have extra padding on the heel or ball of the foot, which is areas many of us struggle with when running regularly. Compare the top options from the collection in order to find the ones that fit your personal needs and concerns. 

With so many Hilly socks on offer, you’ll want to review all the areas above to find the right solution for your training needs. When buying a new pair of running shoes, make sure you find the right running socks that will support your foot and ankle when training. The more specialist running gear you can equip yourself with, the more chance there will be of having a successful training session week after week. For more information about the best running socks for your training this year, contact our team, who will be happy to guide you through this purchase. 

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