Coronavirus and Running – Everything You Need to Know

Coronavirus and Running – Everything You Need to Know

The recent pandemic seems to be heading into its third year, but for keen runners, you might be wondering what impact coronavirus has on your training. Today we’re going to discover how the coronavirus concerns we’ve experienced recently impact your training sessions and how you can keep yourself safe when running outdoors. When training this winter, we always recommend looking at Bog Dog Running for the best gear to keep yourself safe and secure when on the roads. 

Can I Go for a Jog If I Have Covid? 

Before we go any further, let’s answer one of the most common questions we receive from runners. To reduce the coronavirus spread, you need to follow local guidelines as far as isolating. If you currently have symptoms and a positive test result, you need to avoid coronavirus jogging or air walking. The viruses can spread in the air, and it’s not safe for you or others to be out and about. Upon your release from isolation, it’s up to you whether you feel ready to jog straight away. Many fit and healthy people are suffering from long Covid, and they struggle to get back to their training immediately. If you are still experiencing long-term symptoms from COVID-19, make sure you always contact a medical professional for further guidance. 

Top Tips for Runners During COVID-19 

As a running store, we want to see all of our clients remain safe and healthy during this time. For your training sessions, we recommend sticking to training alone for the time being. While it’s always great to train with a group of fellow runners, with the new variant we are experiencing, it’s best to play it safe for the time being. On top of that, after your run, ensure you wash your hands and maintain good hygiene by washing your activewear. If you know of other runners who have recently been diagnosed with COVID-19, certainly make sure you avoid coming into contact with them at this time. 

For anyone who enjoys training indoors, we recommend wiping down the treadmill and other machines you use after each use. It’s believed that germs can be spread in this way, so make sure you wash your hands and avoid touching your eyes. Try to visit your gym during quieter times of the day, where there are fewer people around to reduce the chance of catching the virus. When the weather starts to warm up, you’ll probably prefer to head outdoors once again, which is the safest option for exercising during the current time. 

Staying Fit and Healthy During the Pandemic 

We all hope this year will be the beginning of the end of the pandemic, but it’s still important to keep yourself healthy mentally and physically. Our running shop recommends keeping active even during the winter, as you’ll boost your immune system. If you do happen to catch COVID-19, you’ll have a much greater chance of recovering. Keep outdoors as much as possible for your training, but, of course, we know a good jogging outfit will help protect you during the colder weather. It might be fun to join an online running community or yoga classes, which can help to complement your training if you are going out alone at this time. 

There are many great online classes available to runners currently, and you’ll find it’s a good time to try a new physical activity that might improve your running technique and stamina. By challenging yourself with something new, you’ll also find your mental health improves, and you feel more stimulated in your everyday life. For those of us working from home, keeping fit and active is more of a challenge than ever before. Try to get out for a quick walk or run at lunch, which will boost your energy and help you feel more alert for the rest of your working day. Find ways to interact with others who share your interests online or via social media, so you still feel part of the running community in some way during this unusual time in your lives. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way so many of us train, but we hope 2022 is the year we’ll finally see races return in some way. Even if you are training alone, you can still work with your friends and family to support each other with your running goals. Try to keep running outdoors when you can, especially as the winter warms up as we head into the spring. We really hope you find running to be a great way to keep yourself physically and mentally healthy during this time, as it will give you something to work towards even during the most difficult days we might have to face again this year. 

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