Let’s not forget our feet! 

Founded in 1992 by famous runner and athlete Dr. Ron Hill MBE, Hilly socks is the sister brand of the well-established Ronhill. 

Hilly socks are what they say they are – socks perfectly designed for runners. 

Born from experience, Dr. Hill soon realised those distance runners in the 1970s weren’t wearing the correct performance socks; hence their feet suffered terribly from the effects of hard racing and training. 

Spotting a great opportunity in the market, Dr. Hill applied his knowledge of textile chemistry and his experience of running to a range of technical running socks, using softer, anti-wicking materials. 

As new advances in technology and materials became available, these socks grew in popularity, and we soon saw the development of the first Hilly Twin Skin Socks. 

A double-layered sock that prevents friction, which happily for runners, means no more blisters!

Running socks are the last thing on my mind! 

We get it. When kitting yourself out, socks can often be the last thing we think about, but they really shouldn’t be. 

Having the right performance socks can hugely improve your running performance, support your feet better, and ultimately make your run much more enjoyable. 

The good news is, Hilly running socks all have wicking properties, allowing them to transfer moisture to the outer layer keeping your feet dry at all times. 

The Hilly sock range also features seamless toe construction and arch grip support for additional comfort. 

We believe these socks are multi-purpose, making them great for running, cycling, hiking, and more.

Best running socks 

Hilly marathon socks – designed to support you over hundreds of miles, the ultra-marathon fresh sock helps you and your feet go the distance. Helping to keep feet fresh, these socks also boast high wicking, anti-microbial properties and chevron grips to prevent feet slipping from inside the shoe. 

Hilly compression socks - designed to improve blood flow, these socks are great for pre and post-training and racing. In addition, the Hilly compression socks have a super soft feel and a snug, comfortable fit, helping to improve circulation and recovery rate. 

Hilly lite socklet and Hilly cushion socklet – designed to prevent rubbing between the toes, the Hilly socklet allows your toes to spread naturally when running, walking, or hiking for maximum comfort. The durable and soft fibres also ensure a close and highly comfortable fit. 

Hilly twin skin anklet – a double-layered sock that helps to prevent blisters from occurring by minimising friction. Using Meryl® technology that helps to draw moisture away from the foot and transfer it to the outer sock, your feet stay dryer and comfortable for longer. This sock also features durable heel and toe sections, and they’re available in a range of colours and socklet lengths.

Hilly men’s running socks 

Within the men’s sock range, you will find socks suitable for urban, trail, and compression, with socks designed to help keep feet dry and reduce any and all friction. 

Some of our favourites in this range include: 

Hilly off-road sock – a cushioned and warm running sock, the Merino Wool helps regulate foot temperature, is high wicking, and is antimicrobial. Ensuring a close yet breathable and comfortable fit through the use of Lycra®Sport fibre, these socks provide it all. 

Unisex Lite Anklet – suitable for those looking for minimal padding in their socks, these socks are ideal for race days. Made using a two-sided knit for the transfer of moisture, these socks also come in a range of socklet lengths and colours. 

Hilly Lite-Comfort Quarter sock – great for those hitting the road. With a min-level cushioning, vented upper, and arch grip, this sock also has durable heel and toe properties and comfort tabs at the front and back. 

To view our complete men’s range, click here.

Hilly women’s running socks 

Similar to that of the men’s socks for women, the Hilly socks can be categorised as urban, trail, and compression. 

Available in either small or medium, you will find ladies sock lengths Crew, Anklet, Quarter, and Socklet – these lengths all relate to the coverage you would prefer for your run. 

Some of Bog Dogs favourites in this range include: 

Women’s supreme socklet – using dri-release® wool and NanoGlide® technology, this sock is super soft and comfortable. Helping to keep feet dry and fresh during even the longest of runs, the NanoGlide® in the heel and toe also helps to prevent blistering and minimise friction. 

Hilly Toe socks – strong, spacious, and trust us, super soft, the toe socklet helps toes to splay naturally, making them the perfect partner to the Altra running shoes. 

Twin skin socklet is a double-layered sock that helps you run marathon after marathon with no blisters and less friction than ordinary socks! The Hilly marathon fresh socklet is trusted by runners worldwide, offering high levels of technical performance for you to achieve the perfect run.   

We also have to mention the Hilly padded socklet. A sock that is great for trail runs and with anatomical features with left and right, these socks are also padded at the heel and toe area for extra protection and comfort.

Choosing a good sock can make a big difference to your comfort and run. 

Helping to avoid your feet getting too hot and sweating, preventing blisters, keeping your feet warm (especially if you’ve gone on a highly muddy bog run like us), choosing the right sock can be vital! 

Offering you great value for money matched with great high-quality materials, Hilly socks through Bog Dog provide it with all. 

For further information, call 01780 239 042 or email info@bog-dog.co.uk.