If you're looking for endurance sportswear, look no further. 

A brand that focuses on endurance and robustness, Montane products offer innovative, lightweight, and breathable pieces that provide you with freedom of movement even in the toughest of conditions. 

Montane has worked with mountain professionals for over 25 years and continues to do so today. Drawing on real-life experiences and feedback, this brand truly listens to what is needed and what people want when it comes to providing the right clothing styles and designs. 

Supporting our British Mountain Rescue Teams, the British Antarctic Survey, and more,  

Montane supports those professionals facing the harshest situations. 

Supporting you 

Providing you with robust single-layer mountain clothing with Extreme Smock as well as windproof clothing (Montane was the very first brand to offer an incredible packable windproof and breathable wind shirt), Montane set their clothing sights high. 

Their most popular designs come in the form of the windproof Featherlite Smock, providing wearers with the ability to still move quickly and comfortably in the mountains. 

At Bog Dog, we know that style and design are two important elements; however, we also believe that so is fabric technology. 

That's why we like working with brands like Montane, who also works with leading fabric suppliers.  

Those who use new and innovative materials, techniques, and cutting-edge technology. 

Ensuring that you not only receive the clothing that you want but that each item of clothing and sportswear is of high quality and is suitable to meet your running needs. 

To speak to a member of our team, call us on 01780 239 042 or drop us an email at, we'd love to chat! 

Montane clothing 

The fabric and materials across the entire Montane range help them create the lightest yet toughest and most functional pieces. 

They ensure that all of their clothing is fit for purpose, which is why they work with athletes and professionals to develop the right items to meet both environmental and physiological demands. 

Pushing the boundaries of possibility 

The ultra Montane range is designed for extreme performance. From fluctuating and extreme temperatures to hundreds of miles being run through rugged and challenging terrain, the ultra Montane range continues to thrive. 

For example, the Montane Minimus Stretch Ultra Jacket is waterproof, breathable; and features a minimalist set. Lightweight and packable, it also has extra stretch, perfect for running and endurance mountain trail runs. 

The Montane cap is an extremely popular choice at Bog Dog due to its lightweight and waterproof qualities. With reflective detailing, this cap provides great additional weather protection when you're moving fast on your trails. 

The Montane extreme range includes some of the brand's most iconic products that are still around and available today. 

The Montane timeline 

Montane continues to develop its range and enhance the performance and quality of its garments to ultimately enhance our experiences in the great outdoors. 

Looking at their developments over the years, in: 

1998 – the eight Smock was developed. A soft-shell Montane jacket really helped to put the brand on the map. 

1999 – their Featherlite™ technology took the running world by storm. In particular, their Featherlite trail jacket is extremely popular due to its lightweight, fast-drying features and rustle-free protective layer that helps to regulate body temperature. 

2001 – along came the Terra pants. Classic, tough, and lightweight, these pants are weather-resistant and extremely durable. 

2002 – Montane's waterproof jacket, the Air Jacket, hit the market, almost helping to set the industry standard. This jacket is ideal for supporting you on endurance trails and mountain expeditions. 

2008 – the award-winning prism jacket and range were released. 

2010 – Montane minimus jacket featuring lightweight, waterproof, and breathable qualities proved a popular choice for those taking part in fast and light mountain activities and trails.  

The women's Montane jacket is supremely lightweight and packable, making it perfect for running and endurance activities. It also includes additional stretch for an active but close fit. 

2014 – Montane launched their Via Trail Series™ - a dedicated trail running collection for ultra runners. You will find the Montane podium pants, Montane armguards, trail gloves, and much more within this range. 

2017 – Icarus and Phoenix jackets were introduced. These were the first Montane waterproof jackets to use PrimaLoft®, ThermoPlume lightweight synthetic down insulation. 

2018 – the Via Trial Series™2.0 was launched, with thermal running tights, Featherlite trail vests, trail running jackets, and more. 

At Bog Dog, we like to get dirty on our runs, and we take part in some challenging trails; as such, Montane has never let us down. 

Some of our most favoured pieces include: 

  • Montane fleece – providing additional warmth on a cold early morning run! 
  • Montane beanie (of course with bobble, as we like a bit of style) 
  • Montane gaiters – preventing unwanted debris from getting into the shoe! 

To find out more about our Montane range or if you would like any information or advice on the best and most suitable pieces for you, please give us a call on 01780 239 042 or email us at 

A brand with big promises 

Montane boasts a sustainability platform where they focus on four key areas: 

Built to last – this not only goes for their clothing ranges but their overall business structure.  

Montane regularly evaluates their impact on the environment due to their materials and the processes they have in place to manufacture.   

Ethical trading demands high ethical standards, and Montane continually works with their teams to develop new and improved ways to support further sustainability. 

Commitment: Montane is committed to providing high-quality, endurance sportswear while protecting the environment in which it operates. 

Sustainability – improving sustainability is high across all agendas.