From the running experts - Ronhill running 

The Ronhill brand was founded in 1970 by Dr. Ron Hill MBE, born from Dr. Hill's own athletic experiences. 

A world-class distance runner, excelling in marathon distances and becoming the first Briton to win the Boston Marathon (and in a record time, may we add), Dr. Hill wanted to produce running gear that, in his words, "kept him winning." 

Using this experience of running and his knowledge of textiles, Hill's running designs and styles soon began to take shape.  However, it wasn't until Hill won Gold at the Commonwealth Games later in 1970 that the side split short and mesh vest were developed (both of which are known to offer runners an abundance of freedom) and the brand really made its mark. 

The heritage of the Ronhill brand is what makes their sportswear so reliable, trusted, and worn by thousands all over the world. 

The team's passion for running and commitment to continue to make improvements and look at innovations shines through in many of the products we see today.  With high-quality matched perfectly with aesthetic appeal and runner support.  

As a textile chemist, Dr. Hill was also the first to use synthetic fibres in sportswear, finding that this material could support high wicking properties and provide a light and breathable option for runners in different conditions. 

Ronhill continues to adapt its clothing ranges to the conditions of the modern world and the ever-changing running conditions faced.  Using their heritage and experience, Ronhill continues to be a brand that truly stands out. 

In fact, a lot of the sportswear products we see today are modern generations of these first synthetic fabrics that Dr. Hill used back in the '70s.

A passion and enthusiasm to improve sportswear – Ronhill clothing 

As a local running specialist, we're proud to be one of the stockists of the Ronhill brand. 

Offering sportswear that:

Keeps you dry – through specially designed fabrics, Ronhill clothing offers extreme comfort while running as the materials utilise the process of wicking - drawing moisture away from the body, through the fabric to the outer surface.  From the outer surface, the moisture then evaporates into the air, hence helping to keep you dry. 

It is wind resistant and windproof – using fabrics that protect you from the cooling effect of the wind, you will find some great wind resistant Ronhill running jackets, Ronhill running tops, and tights.   

For those pieces of clothing that are windproof, this means you have a complete barrier that will protect your body from the wind, while the clothing still provides you with stretch,  freedom of movement, and breathability all rolled into one. 

It is water repellent and waterproof – for those items such as the Ronhill waterproof jacket, you can rest assured that they have been specifically treated at the source to make them water-resistant.  

For example, Ronhill's Aqualite range is breathable, yet waterproof, stopping outer layers from becoming saturated with water. Ronhill's waterproof garments also include taped seams to stop water flowing through, and it is a non-permeable fabric. 

Ronhill's running leggings and tights also have an incredible certification for being able to withstand 10,000mm of water before the garment leaks (the British standard is 1,500mm)! 

Ronhill women's most popular pieces 

Some of our most popular Ronhill clothing for women include: 

  • Ronhill women's leggings – soft, stretchy, and styles that boast reflective trim, Ronhill women's leggings keep you comfortable throughout your run. 
  • Ronhill women's core jacket – a modern jacket that is lightweight, water-resistant, wind-resistant, and breathable.  Offering a relaxed fit, the jacket also features a fleece-lined collar for comfort around the neck. 
  • Ronhill Ladies running shorts – with reflective trims and stretch for added movement, these running shorts are certainly fit for purpose. 
  • Ronhill 2 in 1 running short – these twin shorts provide you with a secure inner fit and a relaxed outer fit to support freedom of movement at every step. 
  • Ronhill women's long sleeve running top – effective at wicking moisture away from the body, this tee is great for everyday use.

Ronhill men's most popular pieces 

Some of our most popular Ronhill clothing for men include: 

  • Men's life night runner jacket – a highly visible jacket that is also water and wind-resistant, making it the perfect staple for all outdoor runs. 
  • Ronhill headband – reflective in its appearance, this headband helps to keep the cold from your ears with its excellent thermal properties. 
  • Ronhill men's core jacket – a great all-around functional jacket, perfect for a run in the park or on those breezier running days. 
  • Ronhill gloves – keeping your hands warm on those frosty morning runs, these gloves offer breathability, wicking, and thermal features all rolled into one. 
  • Ronhill running shorts – minimalist in their design, these shorts are supportive, breathable, and have reflective trims to increase visibility.

What's best?  

Elastane or Lycra? 

Of course, the answer to this question does depend on the runner and the conditions of the run; however, when it comes to elastane or lycra, Ronhill's Powerlite range uses both fabrics so that you can have the best of both. 

Providing runners with freedom of movement, excellent stretching capabilities, and the ability to return to their original form after stretching at Bog Dog, this range is undoubtedly one of our most popular. 

What's more Ronhill is also renowned for using bamboo charcoal in their fabrics too.   

Why is this important for runners? 

Bamboo charcoal provides excellent absorption and anti-bacterial properties, so you can truly enjoy the perfect run. 

A global brand that specialises in professional running gear, suitable for all seasons, these products are always in high demand.

Bog Dog's bestsellers 

  • Ronhill infinity marathon shorts 
  • Ronhill women's running jacket 
  • Ronhill waterproof running jacket 
  • Ronhill classic trackers 
  • Ronhill night runner 

The Ronhill winter range and merino wool thermals are also particularly popular, along with their lightweight and breathable products during the more humid months. 

If you're looking for pioneering fabrics and materials to help improve your running experience and set you up for success, the Ronhill brand is a great place to start. 

With their products available in over 30 countries, Ronhill has a strong heritage and high-quality products that support the fantastic sporting culture here in the UK. 

If you have any clothing queries, questions, or you would like further information on any of the products we stock, call us on 01780 239 042 or drop us an email; we'd be happy to help!