Buzz Power Eco Trail Pack (270g)

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The Trail Pack is designed to take on longer trips and holidays, so you can add to your own food and home-made energy snacks and drinks whenever is convenient.


This pack comes with 2 adapters that can be used with the refillable pack (100g) to decant the honey from one pack the the other.

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What are the benefits of Raw Honey for Sports?

Buzz Power is the only natural alternative to energy gels made from 98% certified organic honey.

We are not a flavoured gel, nor do we add token amounts of mass-produced honey, which has mostly likely been boiled and sterilised, and therefore doesn’t retain the health benefits of raw honey.

Natural sports carbohydrate

Raw honey is an incredible source of natural sports carbohydrate. Made up of approximately 50-50 fructose and glucose (glucose = instant energy release; fructose = sustained energy), honey has been used for millennia to provide to boost energy and wellness.

Proven effectiveness

More recently, a study by the University of Memphis Exercise and Sport Nutrition Laboratory proved that honey is one of the most effective sports carbohydrates, and performs on par with dextrose (the processed, artifical sugar found in most energy gels) in controlled testing with speed cyclists.

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