What to Wear When Running in the Rain

Trail Running Gear – What Do You Need to Wear

With winter fast approaching, you’ll find that the rain is only looking to increase in the UK. When considering what to wear when running in the rain, you need to consider every aspect of your outfit. You’ll find there are many great products available from Bog Dog Running, all of which will keep you dry and protected during the rain. Let’s take a look at a few of our top picks for jogging in the rain for runners of all ages and abilities. 

A Waterproof Jacket 

While we certainly receive a lot of rain in the UK in the winter, it’s something we still experience year-round. For that reason, we recommend you invest in a lightweight, waterproof Montane jacket, such as the Montane Women’s Spine Waterproof Jacket. This jacket is created just for runners, so it’s designed with the movement of running in mind. However, you’ll find it’s also versatile enough to be used on a regular rainy day as well. These jackets allow you to breathe while you are running, which means you can also use them in the summer months when the weather is hotter. They are great for keeping the rain out, and you’ll find you don’t get home feeling washed out after using one of these. There are also ultra-lightweight Montane trail running jackets, which would be ideal for the hotter weather or running in a different climate. 

Wicking Clothing 

As far as the rest of the clothing you wear when running in rain gear, we recommend focusing on wicking apparel. This type of Montane gear is designed to stop chafing and blisters. In your bottom half, opt for Montane leggings, which will ensure your legs don’t rub with each step that you take. Socks are something you should also consider so that you don’t end up with sores or blisters after a rainy run. One thing people often neglect to think about is the colour of your clothing for running in the rain. We recommend focusing on darker colours. If you run in very light coloured tops and leggings, you’ll find that they might become see-through. This isn’t a look that anyone of us wants, so keep this in mind when selecting your new Montane gear. 

Caps and Hats for Rain Running Gear 

If you are running first thing in the morning before heading out to work, the last thing you want is to come back with drenched hair. We don’t all have the time and energy to spend hours styling our hair after a run. For that reason, finish off your wet weather running gear with a Montane hat or Montane cap. These can stop you from getting too much water on your head, but they’ll also keep you warm in the winter months. We recommend using a hat in the winter and a cap in the summer. A good cap will also stop the sun from blinding you on your run, so you can see where you are going and enjoy your training session. 

How to Prevent Issues When Running in the Rain 

With all of your new gear in place for running in the rain, you’ll still want to take extra precautions to avoid injuries or discomfort when running in the rain. We recommend using an anti-chafe balm on your feet so that you don’t get blisters. This can also be used anywhere else you might rub, which includes your arms, legs, and sports bra area. Don’t be afraid to use this on even a short run, as you’ll find you set yourself up for less pain when the run is over. 

As soon as you get home from your run on a wet day, we recommend removing your clothes and heading for a warm shower. This will help to regulate your temperature and stop you from getting too cold. Have a set of dry clothes set out before you head out for a run so that you have something cosy to step into back at home. One big concern when running in the rain is how smelly and damp your running shoes might get. If you can, remove the insoles and then stuff your shoes with paper towels, which will help to absorb any smell that might come from the shoes. 

By following these top tips and equipping yourself with the right gear for a wet weather run, you’ll be able to keep training regardless of the weather. In the UK, it can be challenging for runners to find the time to run when it’s raining, but don’t let it put you off from reaching your training goals this year. Montane offers all the products you need to have a safe and comfortable run. We’ll be able to help you to select the right tools for your training session and to help you reach a new PB this year. 

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