Ultimately, we want running essentials that support each and every one of us as individuals to run better and improve our experience and love of the great outdoors.

That’s we only supply those brands that we ourselves believe in.  That we have tried and tested and put through their paces.

Brands such as Altra, Hilly, Montane, Saucony, New Balance, Ronhill, Under Armour, Camelbak and many more.

A running store run by those with a passion and enthusiasm for the great outdoors, Bog Dog has everything you need and lots more.

It’s never too late to start running. 

We’re big believers that whether you’ve been running since before you could walk or you’ve just started on your running journey, it is never too late to build up your fitness levels, clear your mind, and reach your own goals and targets. 

Whether you run with friends, family, or even the dog, getting out in the great outdoors offers many benefits. 

Not only does running, hiking, or walking help us stay fit and healthy, but it also builds strong bones and strengthens muscles. Of course, improving fitness levels is a large part of it; however, an even bigger benefit of running and being outside is how much it can help improve your mental wellbeing.  

Positively affecting your mood, for some, running is so much more than winning marathons (although we’ve got to admit beating your own race time is a pretty good feeling too). 

However, we know that you need the right activewear to support you in getting the most out of these benefits.  

And we understand that not just any running equipment and running gear will do – you want the best running gear around. 

That’s why we make sure through our running shop we offer something to suit all runners, whether road, trail, or professional athletes.  What’s more, we try a lot of these products ourselves before offering them to our customers and trust us; we put them to the test.

For the love of shoes!

We’re big believers in the need to find the right running shoe, and over the years, we’ve tried and tested a lot (and we mean a lot) of different styles, designs, and brands. 

Today, we offer running shoes and running accessories from a handful of leading brands we trust.  

Those that offer a blend of comfort and support with additional benefits such as technology that improves posture and stability (the Altra shoe range is perfect for this!) 

We want to ensure and help you get the most from your runs, so we work hard to find the latest innovations in performance fabrics, training techniques, high-tech running equipment, and more. 

Let us help you on your running adventure.

With the right running kit, the world is your oyster!

From helping you find the best fabrics to wear for the most comfortable run to what you should be wearing in the rain, at Bog Dog, we’re on hand to help with it all. 

Working with brands such as Ronhill, Altra, and Montane, we explore the technical materials and styles that help you get the most out of every run. 



Frequently asked questions

Gait analysis done and new wheels 😉 purchased..

Anyone looking to be well looked after I highly recommend this Stamford Shop...

I've only been a runner for about 4 years!.. I've always travelled to Peterborough for my gait analysis, however word of mouth recommend Bog Dog.. They are next level using latest technology within the sole of your runners and spend time with you finding out what shoe is right.. They are honestly next level!.. Get down there with ample free parking..

Cheers Mozza


Review by Steve Morris

Wow! Great find. Superb running shop with a good selection and stock of specialist brands. Cracking service too. I’ll defo be back.


Review by Nick Morris

Gait analysis using the Arion equipment and trainers bought. Great service, very happy.
Review by Shaun Louth
Excellent service, they couldn't be be helpful and knowledgeable. Great range of running kit.
Review by Sarah Reeves
Great hidden gem with loads of stock. Laura was super helpful and we tried so many trainers to make sure I had the perfect pair. Highly recommend if you still appreciate good service!
Review by Jean Baker

It was nice to put a face to the name Laura! 😊 Thank you for taking lots of time this afternoon to help me out with some long overdue road and trail shoes! Really informative and thoroughly enjoyable experience! Would recommend to all and especially in shopping local too! See you soon! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️💖

Review by Caroline Geddes

Excellent gait analysis with Laura and new trainers purchased, thx Bog Dog 


Review by Barbara Narey

excellent service and extremely helpful.


Review by Sarah Reeves