Born from the love of the outside world

Born from the love of the outside world. Laura and her youngest – now a teenager that won’t run anywhere apart from to the Co-op for a frozen pizza – started exploring the running world a good few years ago, along with the original ‘Bog Dog’ Rudy the Chocolate Labrador.

With a love for adventure, it was realised the proper gear is required to handle the different environments! Thus it was decided to engage and help her fellow runners get the kit they so rightly deserve.

From the fab Park Runs, to running a half marathon in Lockdown in resort in St Lucia on a monotonous strip of pavement only 200 metres long (so she didn’t get berated by her fellow club members for bailing!). Laura likes a little challenge, and the new gear that’s definitely required for each discipline 😊.

The favourite is most definitely a good off piste trail run though. We hope you can join us!


To pass on as much advice and knowledge about the products we sell as we can. We ‘tirelessly’ road or trail test as much of our gear as possible, so we can give you honest feedback and let you know that the stuff is suitable for your use.

We don’t just mean us in the office, our running pals of all different abilities help us review our brands. Solid opinions from real people.

The Bog Dog crew want to do their work in the best way possible. To us, that means striving to minimise any negative impact on our planet. We use recycled, recyclable and biodegradable products whenever we can.


Never sit still, challenge yourself, dream big and go hard or go home!  But remember recovery days are also important……so the coach keeps banging on about!